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Super hydrating

Packed with potassium, and electrolytes to keep peak performance.

Extra refreshing

Are you hot? Greater Than will help you cool down!

So delicious!

Kids, moms, and athletes agree - Greater Than is delicious.

Enjoy every time you drink

Drink more, perform better, and feel greater than yesterday!

Us vs. Them

Brand Added Sugar % Fruit Juice Chemicals & Additives Carbs Calories Sodium for Electrolytes Paper or Plastic Family Owned or Corporate
None! 32% Nope 9 gr. 50 140mg Paper Family Owned
26 gr. 10% Yes 18 gr. 70 40mg Plastic Corporate
9 gr. 0% Yes 8 gr. 35 336mg Plastic Corporate
21 gr. 0% Yes 22 gr. 80 160mg Plastic Corporate
9 gr. 100% No 20 gr. 80 60mg Paper Corporate
11 gr. 0% Yes 12 gr. 50 500mg Plastic Corporate
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