Frequently Asked Questions

How much is recommended per day to boost milk supply?


The average 6-month-old drinks about a quart of milk daily, 90% of which is water so the better hydrated your body the better it performs. One quart is equal to 32 fl oz and the equivalent to three 11.2 oz containers or 1 Liter of Greater Than. However, feedback varies and some that we've received suggests 11 oz to 20 oz a day. Greater Than is not a cure nor replaces any sort of consultation with a Dr or lactation consultant, however, many Moms are finding Greater Than very beneficial for a variety of reasons that does support an increase in milk supply. Case in point it's really about finding what works best for you along with staying well hydrated which is good for both Moms & babies, but especially Moms.

Which one should I drink to boost my breast milk?


This result is not specific to any one flavor or item. We're here to provide an alternative & healthful solution for Mothers of all types. Nursing Moms do have increased fluid needs that reflect the volume of breast milk the baby consumes.

On average in the US that could be as much as a quart a day OR two to three times that volume with twins! Lactation is also associated with an increase in thirst to help ensure that Mom stays well hydrated. One key to hydration is electrolytes and Greater Than has a lot of electrolytes along with being made from real juices and organic coconut water, so it tastes great and is low sugar and lower calorie -- something our athletes (and moms) seem to love.

We'd not be sharing any of this if we weren't receiving such wonderful feedback. Everything we do share is straight from our customers. So, for many, that means using Greater Than to compliment their feeding routines and busy lifestyles. Greater Than is not a cure nor replaces any sort of consultation with a Dr or lactation consultant, however, many Moms are finding Greater Than very beneficial for a variety of reasons that may include an increase in milk supply. The moral to this story is that staying well hydrated is good for both Moms and babies, but especially Moms.

Is there like a guarantee that this will boost milk supply?


While we’d love for you to try Greater Than we don’t offer a refund for this reason. It's our goal to provide an electrolyte boost without the artificial ingredients and additional sugars + calories and results can vary for everyone. While Greater Than may support an increase in milk supply it’s not a guarantee. With that said we’d be proud to be a part of your journey.

Can you drink this while you’re pregnant?


When you're pregnant hydration is that much more important, which is why Greater Than has become the go to for so many women. We always suggest you check with your Dr, but we see no reason why Greater Than wouldn't be a good option for you as many Moms are finding it beneficial during this time. Here is an example from Ashley G on November 9: "Greater Than has truly helped me to feel great during my pregnancy. I was feeling dehydrated and dizzy and I now make sure to gulp one down every morning. It gives me energy and helps to avoid many unpleasant symptoms. Thanks GT!"

Can kids drink Greater Than?


100% yes. Greater Than is good for kids. Greater Than is not too sweet, and that is good for a child's pallet. Seriously, sports drinks and fruit juices just lead to a sugary pallet causing kids to crave more sugary drinks. 

How will Greater Than aid in my recovery after a workout?


Greater Than is an ideal recovery beverage. It provides the body with natural occurring carbohydrates and electrolytes. The sugar from juices is a carbohydrate that fuels muscles. The electrolytes replenish what your body has lost in sweat. Sweat contains key minerals and it is important to replenish those. Drinking water isn't always enough. Electrolytes are key for performance and recovery, and the main electrolytes are sodium chloride and potassium.

Should I drink Greater Than before, during or after working out?


Greater Than isn't limited to one occasion for use. It's a a functional sports drink that works all the time. We recommend drinking when thirsty, and definitely post work out. Replenish what's lost in sweat by drinking Greater Than. Your body needs these minerals so it's prepared for the next adventure.  

Is the coconut strong in this? I like coconut flavor but I don’t like coconut water?


Thank you for this question. We're asked this often & have seen this feedback in our comments that may answer your question. For example, this is a real customer testimonial from Lee X.: "I ABHOR coconut water. I cannot say this loudly enough. But this is oddly good. Yes there is a bit of coconut water taste but there is a sweet saltiness that somehow works. I have also found that temperature makes a HUGE difference in flavor and palatability. Definitely try chilled or ice cold."

We'd be happy for you to try them for yourself and apply code MOM at checkout for 15% off our trial pack!

Where can I find the ingredients and nutritional information?


Each product has different nutritional content. Simply select the flavor or combo that you are interested in and swipe left on the photos to see all of the ingredients included in each flavor. You can also select the flavor and scroll down to the "Nutrition Facts" section to see this information.

What are the allergens?


Coconut is not a botanical nut; it is classified as a fruit, even though the Food and Drug Administration recognizes coconut as a tree nut. While allergic reactions to coconut are documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconut and drink coconut water.

Is Greater Than gluten free?


Yes. Sure is!

Is Greater Than dairy free?


Yes, all Greater Than products are dairy and soy free.

Is Greater Than keto friendly?


It absolutely is.

Is Greater Than vegan?


Yes, 100%.

Does Greater Than expire?


Greater Than should be consumed within 36 hours of opening. Sealed product has a best buy date on the carton.

Why is Greater Than better than water?


Greater Than is better than water because water doesn't have electrolytes. In fact not even "smart waters" have what your body needs to replenish. People can cramp and get dehydrated in spite of drinking water. There is a reason salt tablets exist. Replenish the right electrolytes that your body needs, salt and potassium.

Do you offer a military discount?


Yes absolutely. You can use code MILITARY20 for 20% off your trial packs!

Why are they so expensive?


We'd love for you to avoid the added sugars and sweeteners of other products & give Greater Than a try. We use only the best ingredients - organic coconuts, real fruit and no added sugar. Also, we come in Tetra-Pak containers so you don't have to worry about plastic. But the real proof is in our taste. Try promo code MOM at checkout for 15% off our trial pack and let us know what you think.

Where can I manage my subscription?


You can manage (edit, cancel) your subscription at any time by logging into your account. Please make sure you use the same email you used when ordering your subscription. If you have trouble logging in you can request a one-time login link at any time.

Can the packaging be recycled?


Yes, they can be recycled. The Tetra Pak cartons Greater Than are in are primarily made from paper. Furthermore Tetra Pak cartons are lightweight, easy to transport and fully recyclable. The aseptic technology allows the product inside to stay fresh, without the need of any preservatives.

Any other questions?