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How much is recommended per day to increase milk supply?

The average 6-month-old drinks about a quart of milk daily, 90% of which is water so the better hydrated your body the better it performs. One quart is equal to 32 fl oz and the equivalent to three 11.2 oz containers or 1 Liter of Greater Than. However, feedback varies and some that we've received suggests 11 oz to 20 oz a day. Greater Than is not a cure nor replaces any sort of consultation with a Dr or lactation consultant, however, many Moms are finding Greater Than very beneficial for a variety of reasons that does support an increase in milk supply. Case in point it's really about finding what works best for you along with staying well hydrated which is good for both Moms & babies, but especially Moms.

Which one should I drink to increase my breast milk?

Is there like a guarantee that this will increase milk supply?

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