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We are passionate product guys that noticed a void in the sports drink market. We wondered why there couldn’t be a sports drink made of natural ingredients that tastes great and helps us get the most out of our bodies during training and competition.

The natural hydrating properties of coconut water seemed a natural fit for a sports drink, so we studied how to best include coconut water into a formula that met the standards established by sports science. After years of research, testing, and consultation with experts, we developed Greater Than, a sports drink that functions as a "Greater Aid". We are proud to hydrate you on your journey that is filled with the same grit and determination.  


We took the goodness of coconut water and blended it with the science of sports drinks to create Greater Than. There's a lot of BS out there today, and we spent time and money to make sure that our product could support appropriate claims made. Greater Than was formulated based on extensive sports science research and with the consultation of experts in sports science to meet the needs of active bodies for hydration, electrolytes and energy.


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