"The Healthiest Sports Drink On The Market"

You're limiting your performance

Every pound of weight lost in a workout is equal to 16-20 ounces of fluid.  Most people lose 220mg sodium, 63mg potassium, 8mg magnesium, and 16mg calcium. 

Water & traditional sports drinks don't provide your body with the required minerals for fluid absorption or the nutrition to perform at your best. 

The "Monopotassium phosphate" chemicals in your sports drinks are strangling your performance. 





Learn our story

Minimal and carefully-selected ingredients to maximize health and performance.

40 calories, no added sugar, non-GMO, uses superfuits for sweeteners and dyes, has more biologically available electrolytes than any sports drink on the market. 

The choice of world ranking crossfit athletes

Every ingredient a top performer requires to get the most out of their body. When it's competition time, they rely on the super dose of electrolytes and mineral nutrition of Greater Than. 

Fueled By coconut water

Enhance Performance

Our sports drink blend has high levels of naturally occurring electrolytes to improve muscle contraction, maintain PH levels, and regulate nerve impulses. 

Hydrate completely

Hydration with earth grown minerals & potassium maximizes fluid absorption and restores hydration in muscle tissue.

Recover Faster

2x the electrolytes of generic sports drinks. Reduce lactic acid and recover faster so you can push it again tomorrow.

Our Athletes

Explosive strength. Relentless endurance. Driven to perform. Our athletes represent human body optimization and are an integral part of our team. 

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