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Hydration During Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know

Hydration is essential to being healthy. However, it’s even more important when you’re expecting. This is because whe...

Why Water Alone May Not Be Enough to Keep You Hydrated While Breastfeeding

The ability of the human body to produce breast milk is one that is not just amazing - it is scientifically documente...

Why You Should Drink Sugar Free Electrolyte Drinks

Sugar-Free Electrolyte Drinks   Thinking about checking out some sugar-free options for electrolyte drinks? These da...

Stay Hydrated: Timing Your Fluid Intake

Time your hydration to take your workout to the next level.

Summer Smoothies: Rest. Recover. Rejuvenate.

Utilize Greater Than to supercharge your recovery smoothies.

Spend the Season Alfresco

Discover how Greater Than fuels your favorite outdoor adventures.

Stay Healthy with These Summertime Snacks

These Summer snacks will keep you satisfied and slim all season long.

Give Your Cardio Routine a Creative Twist

Sidestep the treadmill, and opt for a HIIT workout this summer.

Mastering Your Body Without The Gym

Get a full body workout outside this Summer without bulky gym equipment.

Staying Cool and Hydrated When It’s Hot: Hydration for the Summer

Beat the summer heat with these hydration tips

Workout Tips From Greater Than Athletes

Get workout tips from our Greater Than athletes today

Youth Sports: Keep Your Kids Healthy and Hydrated

Did you know that between 50-75% of kids who attend summer sports camps are dehydrated? Not only is dehydration a...
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