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Feel Hydrated. Perform Better.

  • Crossfit athletes & bodybuilders 
  • Endurance athletes and runners
  • Keto, low-carb and paleo lifestyle
  • Yogis who want to stretch further
  • Everyday athletes looking to lose weight and tone your body
  • Diabetics (contains monk fruit, a diabetic-friendly sweetener)
  • Basketball players looking for extra hops 
  • Vegans & celiac (we're gluten-free)
  • Super moms who want to avoid feeding kids chemicals and sugars
  • Golfers looking for a boost on the back 9
  • Entrepreneurs and high performers
  • Football players needing more power
  • Fan of smoothies? Use Greater Than in your smoothies. 
  • Like to have fun? Greater Than can help you recover from hangovers
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