Properly hydrated muscles perform at a higher level with more power, endurance, and range of motion.


Golf can be exhausting. It's a mental and physical test. The slightest mistake can be a round ruiner, and the margin of error is so small. A round of golf can be miles of walking and thousands of calories burned. Your body is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions for hours at a time. In a round of golf you take hundreds of swings (counting practice swings), thousands of steps, and make hundreds of decisions. You mind is constantly processing data to calculate the right aim point, target, and distance. Your body is constantly active swinging the club to create a desired outcome for each particular set of circumstances.

It's a grind. Fitness and nutrition have become significant components to golf. To perform at your best your body needs to be nourished. Hydration is one of the most important elements to playing well. Our sports drinks deliver optimal hydration using less sugar, more electrolytes, and better ingredients. In fact Greater Than sports drink has 2x the electrolytes, 1/2 the sugar, and none of the chemical ingredients.


“Not only is Greater Than a delicious and healthy beverage, I love the container. It crushes up into my golf bag so I can drink two or three a round and not get bogged down.” - Erik Lang, Adventures in Golf and The Erik Lang Show

“When I play tournament golf I make sure that I have Greater Than, it keeps my body fresh and hydrated which is so important to finish rounds off down the stretch.” - Andy Johnson, The Fried Egg

“The drinks are great for hydration and supplies the small amount of sugar I need.” - Greg A.
"I tend to walk when I golf so I need something a little more dependable than what I stumble upon.” - Lawrence M.
“It's awesome on the links as a hydration source without all the sugar of Gatorade or chemicals of G2.” - Kevan G.

Hydration Awareness From USGA

Staying hydrated is critical to your performance and, more importantly, for preventing heat-related illnesses. Dehydration in athletes may lead to fatigue, headaches, decreased coordination, and muscle cramping. Other heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke, have even more serious consequences.

Some of your fluid intake should include a sports drink to replace lost sodium and other minerals (electrolytes). The carbohydrates and electrolytes in the sports drink also can help you absorb the fluids faster.

Replace potassium or sodium that has been lost during competition by using foods. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of potassium.

Pre-hydrate yourself before, hydrate during, and after your golf game!

Electrolyte Replenishment for Golfers | Greater Than

· Promotes absorption of nutrients into the body for fluid balance and muscle hydration.

· Natural minerals and nutrients promote energy production.

· Superior hydration prevents foggy brain and poor decision-making.

· Faster recovery between holes by hydrating your muscles on a cellular level.