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You're Going to Love These Non-GMO Project Verified Products!

One of our favorite accomplishments at Greater Than is our Non GMO project verification. The Non-GMO project is nonprofit organization dedicated to building, sustaining and protecting a non-GMO food supply. Our verification was just another quality that makes all of our beverages Greater Than.

But we know that there are plenty of other amazing Non-GMO project verified products. Some that we use almost every day! When you shop a Non-GMO project verified product you can be proud that you are contributing to a growing trend of non-GMO filled world. You will know exactly what is in your food, and give you a clear choice on whether you want to consume it or not.

We had to round up some of our favorite Non-GMO project verified foods to share with you guys!

Blue Diamond

Almond Breeze Milk

Almond Breeze Milk

Almond Breeze is my go to when I want a bowl of cereal. It comes in a handful of different flavors, and is perfect for keeping in your fridge for when you might need to entertain someone who may be lactose intolerant. My go-to is the unsweetened vanilla almond flavor.

Barnana Banana Bites

kid-friendly sports drinks

These bite-sized potassium explosions will impress you with their flavor. These dehydrated banana bites are chewy and are the perfect desk-side snack for a long day. I love the peanut butter chewy banana bites the best, but they have a huge mix of flavors to choose from!

Montana Mex

Habanero Sauce

Habanero Sauce

I wish I had a drinking fountain of this stuff. I’ve put it on poached eggs and I’ve even used it to make salad dressing. A couple chicken breasts with a dab of Montana Mex’s Habanero Sauce is perfect for a protein-packed lunch after a heavy work out.

Greater Than Sports Drink

Greater Than Sports Drink

Of course we had to mention Greater Than! We worked hard to get our Non-GMO project verified badge - we want to show it off a little bit! Greater Than comes in 3 flavors - Orange Mango, Grape Vine and Tropical Medley. Each bottle has less than 50 calories and no added sugars. A bottle of Greater Than is perfect complement for a rigorous training session.

Wink Frozen Desserts

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Alternative


Everyone needs a bit of dessert every now and then - and if you haven’t tried Wink’s line of plant based ice creams - then you are missing out. A pint of their strawberry cheesecake is not only non-GMO project verified - it is also free of gluten, dairy, soy, egg, peanut and tree nut. Even vegans can enjoy this one.

North Coast Brewing

North Coast Brewing

For those that like to indulge in a cold beer every now and then - you will be happy to hear that North Coast Brewing out of California has more than a handful of beers that are officially Non-GMO project verified! I’m a fan of the North Coast Stellar IPA and Blue Star Wheat Beer. But they have a big selection to choose from. To see which beers are verified Non-GMO check out their website.

Honest Kitchen

Embark Grain Free Turkey Recipe

Because great, trusted foods that have no GMOs in them shouldn’t be just for us. Your favorite four legged friends deserve the best. Honest Kitchen has seven different products that are all non-GMO project verified. Your cats, dogs and even your fish will be able to enjoy a non-GMO guaranteed meal. Don’t hog it all to yourself.

Perfect Bar 

Perfect Bar

The Perfect Bar started as a dad tinkering with recipes in his kitchen. For years - only the traditional peanut butter flavor existed. Today The Perfect Bar offers 12 different flavors. You'll find these in the refrigerated section - and are packed to the brim with superfoods and protein. 

Whatever you decide to make part of your diet - keep an eye out for the non-GMO badge to ensure that you are putting the best stuff you can into your body. Always strive to be Greater Than.

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