Spend the Season Alfresco

Spend the Season Alfresco

Greater Than not only fuels the CrossFit lifestyle but also the adventures of those who enjoy taking their workouts into the great outdoors.


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We often focus on CrossFit and various exercises that can be performed inside the gym. But with 2-3 times the electrolytes of the typical sports drink, coconut water and sea salt to replenish the body with essential potassium and sodium, and only 10 grams of sugar — greater than is the perfect option to fuel endurance-focused activities such as climbing, kayaking, and hiking.


Climb To The Top

Climbing is an excellent way to change up your daily routine and take in the beauty of the summer's best scenery. On average, climbers burn 700 calories per hour. An hour spent jogging will yield nearly the same results — without the spectacular vistas. Climbing also forces you to engage your core, develop your shoulders, and enhance your grip strength. Because it’s a low-impact cardio exercise, your breathing and heart rate will improve — as well as your stamina.



Kayaking can feed your wanderlust as well as your workout goals. You burn an average of 400 calories per hour when paddling at approximately 5 mile per hour — which means that a full afternoon of kayaking can result in a minimum of 1,600 calories burned, and that's padding at a slower pace than most. Not to mention, your arms, back and shoulders are used as well. These are the main muscle groups that you use when paddling, but executing a proper stroke engages almost every muscle in your upper body.



One of our favorite aspects of hiking is that you can take control of your workout and chart your own course. There are endless benefits of hiking, and one study even found that long-distance hiking can improve one's antioxidative capacity — which helps fight off disease. Hiking is also done on an incline, so your quads, glutes, and hamstrings are all being utilized and activated consistently. Each hour, hikers burn approximately 500 calories. And the best part? You'll forget you're even working out due to the captivating landscape in front of you.  


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