Meet Alyssa Carr, The Newest Member Of The Greater Than Team!

Meet Alyssa Carr, The Newest Member Of The Greater Than Team!

We're so honored to formally introduce you to Alyssa! You may recognize her from Tiktok and Instagram but we know her as an invaluable member of our team and family.

Alyssa started the year as a regular small town mom and customer of Greater Than. She had recently given birth to her son Kolter and was looking for a way to stay hydrated and healthy postpartum.

She first captured our attention back in January when her glowing review of Greater Than went viral on social media. Not only were we impressed by her authenticity and enthusiasm, but by how much she genuinely cared about the well being of other mothers. We hired her first as a part time customer service rep this past spring and now as a full time Operations Analyst!

 See the moment we broke the news to her for yourself :-)


 Enough about us. Scroll down to learn more about Alyssa in HER own words!

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How did you first hear about Greater Than?

Alyssa: I heard about Greater Than right after I gave birth to my son Kolter last year. Their ads were everywhere and other breastfeeding mothers were saying great things about Greater Than in the mom groups I was apart of so I ordered a Trial Pack. Within a few days my milk supply literally skyrocketed and I was so happy that I posted a few videos about it on Tiktok. I woke up one day and was shocked that they got hundreds of thousands of views and tons of moms reaching out to me asking questions about the drink. This drink and those videos literally changed my life!

What were you doing before joining Greater Than?

Before I worked for GT I investigated child abuse for 3 years. I also worked with narcotics units and all local police municipalities to bust narcotic dealers/users.

I'm a mom, but remixed - My oldest child Maddie is adopted, she is now 16. My middle "child" is my sister Erin, who lives with me full time, and my youngest child is Kolter who is 10.5 months old. He's been the one enjoying all of my breastmilk this year!

Greater Than Sports Drink Blog Alyssa Carr Tiktok Children Maddie Erin Kolter

What has being part of Greater Than meant to you?

Being a part of GT has meant so much more to me than any career or opportunity that I've ever had. It's given me the opportunity to not only be the best version of myself I can be, but it's giving me the opportunity to be the best MOM I can be.

I now have the means to give all 3 of my children a life they would have never had otherwise. A life they would never have thought they would be able to have. It's given me the voice to speak up for other mothers, and to help them in ways they felt they could never be helped. It's given me the opportunity to meet some of the best coworkers whom I now consider family.

Above all else however, it's given me the ability and the blessing of being able to continue to breastfeed for 10.5 months (and going strong).

Do you have anything to say to Greater Than's customers?

If I could say anything to our customers it would be "Thank you!"

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you and be your voice. Thank you for GIVING me this amazing opportunity. If it wasn't for you, I (we) wouldn't be here. YOU are the true MVP here.

Since this week is International Breastfeeding Week, we have to ask: Did you have any challenges while breastfeeding:

Absolutely. My son had a tongue tie and a lip tie (the most severe).

While struggling to find answers my supply dropped dramatically as he couldn't latch appropriately and this caused me to struggle with an adequate supply -- so much so that his pediatrician wanted me to supplement with formula.

Thanks to Greater Than however, my supply recovered almost instantly and I was able to pump enough while Kolter was undergoing lip tie/tongue tie surgery so that I did not have to supplement with formula.

Finally, what is your favorite Greater Than flavor?

Pomegranate Grape! I'm literally OBSESSED with that flavor.

Pomegranate Grape

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