Fun Mom & Baby Workouts for Any Level

Fun Mom & Baby Workouts for Any Level

There are many ways to bond with your baby. One way that can be fun for both you and your infant is doing baby exercises together. Not only can this be fun for you and your little one, but it can be great exercise for you. 

Suppose you’ve been having trouble with lack of sleep, achy body, low energy, and stress. In that case, you may benefit from doing some simple exercises that not only strengthen and tone your muscles but also involve your baby! 

Incorporating your baby into your exercise routine can also help if you’re in a time crunch. You may not have the time, energy, or motivation to get to a gym, so Greater Than has compiled some fun baby exercises for you to do.  

Why Should You Do Baby Workouts? 

If you’re a new mom, you probably feel burnt out or constantly on the go because of your little one. Getting back into a daily routine and fitting in some quick and efficient exercises can be a helpful way to give you back the energy you need. 

These simple exercises can move your whole body but don’t require hours of your time. Baby workouts can also be a much-needed step towards recovery and returning to your pre-baby routine. 

Some of the many benefits can come in various ways for you physically and mentally. Not only can it help with weight loss, but baby workouts can also help relieve stress, energize your body, fight stress and tension, and strengthen your body physically – so you’re ready for the demands of motherhood. 

What To Watch Out For

Keep a lookout for signs that your body may not be ready to engage in some workouts. Everyone’s body is different, so it’s essential to watch out for any lingering issues such as :

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction is the inability to control the muscles of your pelvic floor. 
  • Diastasis recti is a common condition found in many pregnant and postpartum women. This is when your abdominal muscles, specifically the area where your six-pack ab muscles, separate during pregnancy from being stretched. 
  • Any lingering pain found in your shoulders, neck, and lower and upper back which may have been weakened during pregnancy.

Many of these can be fixed with physical therapy or recommended specific exercises, so don’t worry if you are experiencing lingering symptoms after birth. However, the wrong workouts can increase your pain or make an injury worse, so make sure to consult with a professional and listen to your body. 

Always make sure to get your doctor or healthcare provider’s approval before getting back into exercise. 

Generally, it’s OK to do some quick and simple exercises as early as six weeks after birth. It’s important to remember that you just went through a physically demanding and traumatic experience –– pregnancy and especially birth is no easy feat for your body! 

Baby Safety

Before you do exercises involving your baby, make sure your baby can hold their head up on their own and do so without any discomfort. This is typically around three to four months. 

If you’re feeling ready to start working out again and want to involve your baby, then here are some fun and safe exercises for you and your baby to do at any level.  

Mommy Prep: Dynamic Warm-Up

Always start with a stretch! A dynamic stretch can offer a variety of benefits and prevent any injuries. By doing some light, dynamic movements, your muscles and joints can be prepared to do the actual workout. 

Give yourself a couple of minutes to get through working your whole body. Don’t worry about doing a specific set of reps. Instead, just listen to your body and get ready to loosen up your muscles. 

Some ideas for your warmups can look like this: 

  • Roll your shoulders back and down and draw your navel towards your spine to protect your back. Inhale through your nose and expand your ribs. Exhale through your mouth and draw your ab muscles in. 
  • Reach each arm above your head and across your body to warm up your arms, neck, and shoulders. 
  • Practice light lunges forward and backward or side to side to loosen up your knees and hips. 
  • Touch your toes with slightly bent knees. This will help warm up your back and hamstrings. 

Mom and Baby Workouts: Stroller Version 

If you’ve been feeling cooped up and need some fresh air, don’t worry! has you prepared to get some exercise while taking your baby out for a ride. 

Single-Arm Chest Press: Two Minutes 

Stand at the bottom of a hill or any incline. Place one hand on the handlebar and your arm bent. Use that arm to alternately push the stroller away from your chest and pull it back to you. Do 12 reps and switch arms.

Lung Walk: Three Minutes 

A lunge can be a really efficient way of working out and strengthening your lower body. It works out a lot at the same time: your quads, hamstrings, and glutes! 

As you push the stroller, take long strides and lower your body, so one leg is positioned forward with your knee bent and foot flat on the ground while the other leg is positioned behind. 

Make sure your knee doesn’t extend past your toes and keep your back straight and chest lifted as you lunge.

Baby and Mom Workouts With a Baby Carrier 

This can be tricky to incorporate easily into your daily exercise routine, so make sure to consult a doctor or specialist before trying. A carrier can help take pressure off your back and arms and distribute weight evenly over your hips. 

Arm Weights 

This exercise targets your deltoids, triceps, shoulders, and biceps.

If you have a carrier, have permission from a specialist, and feel comfortable, this can be a great way to do similar workouts before becoming pregnant. The best benefit is that your arms are free! 

If you have two or three-pound weights at home or two water bottles, you are free to do some simple arm exercises. Here are some quick arm exercises to get you motivated:

  • Wide bicep curls: Keep your elbows locked into your sides and slowly raise your forearms with palms facing up. Make sure your feet are slightly wider than hips-width distance apart.
  • Shoulder press: Keep feet hip-width apart and bring arms straight above you, taking care not to lock your elbows. Pause at the top. Bring them back down, so your elbows form a 90-degree angle with your dumbbells at shoulder height. 
  • Lateral raises: Keep your palms facing down and slowly lift your weights out to the side until your arms are parallel with the floor. Make sure your elbows are slightly bent, and your wrists remain strong. 
  • Around the world exercise: Stand and keep feet planted on the ground. Slowly raise your dumbbells or water bottles out to the side, with palms facing out. Keep a slight bend in your elbows and raise your arms from the sides until almost touching at the top. Bring back down to the starting position and repeat. 

Make sure not to use a carrier or workout with one if it is bothering your neck, shoulders, or back. A soft wrap can also be used during these exercises as well. 

Mom and Baby Workouts At Home 

For this, you don’t need any special equipment or be outside. All you will need is a blanket for both you and your baby’s comfort. 

Baby Overhead Press: Two to Five Minutes 

This exercise mainly targets your shoulders, but don’t be surprised to feel it in other parts of your arms as well.  

Put your hands under your baby’s armpits and hold them in front of your chest. Keep your elbows bent and pressed close against your rib cage. Raise your arms upward, being extra careful not to lock your elbows. 

Once your baby is at the top, pause for a second (and feel the burn!), then slowly lower your baby to the starting position. Do ten reps, and after each set, make sure to take a minute or two to rest your arms. Repeat twice more. 

Baby Bridges: Three to Five Minutes  

Shoulder press workout targets your glutes and hamstrings.

Stay on your back with a blanket underneath you. Place your legs hip-distance apart and have your baby lying on your belly or sitting up. If your baby sits, place them on or just above your hips. 

  • Lie face up on the floor, with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. 
  • Lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips, and shoulder form a straight line. 
  • Squeeze your glutes hard and keep your abs drawn in to protect your back.
  • Hold your hips at the top, with your baby on top for extra weight, then slowly ease back down. Don’t let your butt touch the floor. 
  • Do hip lifts for 20 reps.

Abductor Baby Bridges 

Once you’ve done twenty reps of glute bridges switch things up with some abductor bridges.

Keep your body in the same position as a glute bridge, and when you lift your hips up, pause, and pulse your knees out to the side twenty times. 

Alternate between the two exercises. Do ten glute bridges and ten abductor bridges and repeat this pattern four times. 

Baby Squat Shoulder Press: Five Minutes 

This targets your quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, arms, and shoulders. This is a full body workout! 

Feeling adventurous? Hold your baby under their armpits and facing you at eye level. Slightly bend your elbows and extend your arms to a comfortable distance away from you. Make sure to stand tall and keep your chest lifted once you squat down, still holding your baby in front of you.

Inhale and lower your body down into a squat position, while keeping your back straight and cory engaged. Exhale and return to the starting position. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, lift your baby into a press as you rise to the standing position at the end of your rep. 

Take care to not jerk or bounce your baby, rather take your time and slowly move her along with you. This will make your muscles burn! Do this for three to five reps, depending on how you feel. Take a break after each set, with two to three sets in total. 

However, keep in mind your baby’s weight. If they are too heavy, this may be too difficult or could lead to injury. 

What Are Some Other Mommy & Baby Workout Ideas?

Have fun and remember some of the old exercises you might have done before pregnancy. Chances are, if your baby is not too heavy for you, you can easily incorporate them into some simple exercises at home.

Some other workout ideas include:

  • Baby-weight squats for some great resistance training. 
  • Walking lunges while holding your baby in a comfortable position. 
  • Baby bench press 

There’s also plenty of exercise in taking your baby out for a walk with a stroller. You can get creative and have fun with your baby while you work out. But make sure to stay safe and listen to what feels good for your body. 

When Should You Start Exercising?

As soon as you feel ready, your body is ready, and your doctor gives you the okay. Remember, there is no rush to get back into the shape you were before pregnancy. But we know how good it is to get back into the routine you had before.

At Greater Than, we want you to have the information you need to get back to doing what you love to do, all while keeping up with motherhood. We know it’s no easy task, but we also know how much of a rewarding and beautiful time this is for you. That’s why we wanted to provide you with some simple ideas to bond with your baby and keep up with your wellness goals.  

So what are you waiting for? Our Trial 6-Flavor Variety Pack contains endless benefits for mothers and the entire family! After all, not all hydration drinks are created equal.


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