5 Cute Pregnancy Outfits You’ll Feel Yourself In

5 Cute Pregnancy Outfits You’ll Feel Yourself In

As your baby bump starts to grow, you may be feeling lost when it comes to cute pregnancy outfits. It can be jarring when your favorite shirt, pants, or shoes suddenly don’t fit you the way they used to.

At Greater Than, we understand how fast your life is changing, so it can be overwhelming when you have to find a new wardrobe for the next few months during and after pregnancy.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you choose maternity clothes and make you feel like yourself.

When Should I Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

Typically, you’ll want to start finding maternity clothes when you’re about four to five months pregnant and your bump is starting to become more noticeable. This is when expecting moms try to find larger t-shirts and more oversized clothing for a comfier fit.

Depending on how big your belly bump is, you can expect to wear your regular pre-pregnancy clothing throughout your third trimester.

What Staple Maternity Outfits Do You Need?

With so much maternity clothing available on the market, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and blow your budget on a whole new wardrobe. But this isn’t always the case. We’re here to help you shop on a budget, maximize your clothing, and offer new ideas for pregnancy outfits that can make you feel like yourself.

How To Style Staple Cute Pregnancy Outfits

Ready to wear cute pregnancy outfits that can make you feel your best? Greater Than has some ideas for you!

1. Maternity Dresses

Depending on the temperature and where you live, loose, flowy dresses are fabulous when you want to feel cute and stylish without much effort. You can dress this up with accessories, like layered necklaces, a headband, earrings, bracelets, a nice pair of flat shoes, or add a fun jacket or scarf.

Dresses are fun to wear because they can come in all sorts of colors and make you feel extra cute by showing off your bump comfortably. Maternity dresses are also super comfy with their stretchy material.

2. Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans can be an easy starting point for a cute pregnancy outfit. However, don’t worry or feel guilty if you don’t want to wear denim. As long as you’re comfortable and feel good with what you’re wearing, don’t force yourself to wear something you’re not confident in. After all, a comfortable mama is a happy mama.

3. Maternity Leggings

Some women love maternity jeans, while others hate them. There is no right or wrong way to have a maternity wardrobe! If you are not a fan of maternity jeans, that’s not a problem!

Check out maternity leggings, which can be a laid-back way to stay comfortable and create chic casual outfits.

One way to style maternity leggings is to find a matching sports bra or top that could be paired with the leggings. Add some hoops, a baseball cap, and sneakers to create an effortlessly chic outfit – all while making you and your pregnancy look effortless!

Cycling shorts can also be a great way to achieve a cute and comfortable look. Depending on how far you are in your pregnancy, consider going up an extra size or so for another effortlessly chic cute look.

4. Maternity Overalls

An adorable way of styling an outfit during pregnancy is to add overalls. There are so many ways you can incorporate bump-friendly clothes and make for a stylish look!

Overalls are flattering for expecting mothers because they can enhance your bump. Choosing a cute swimsuit or two can also help you have more fun in the sun! One-piece swimsuits can be adorable and protect your belly from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Finding a comfortable and flattering swimsuit can make going to the beach much easier, especially if you take a quick dip in the ocean.

5. Maternity Pajamas And Loungewear

You don’t necessarily need to buy pajamas or loungewear from the maternity department. The most efficient way is to start with oversized t-shirts. Or maybe you want to treat yourself to silk pajamas or a cotton slip-on that’s easy to wear.

Now’s the time to try on nightgowns that can fit over your pregnancy bump, button-up nightshirts, lightweight robes, pajama sets, or even your partner’s tees. You deserve to feel comfortable and attractive. If that means finding a cute maternity loungewear set, a new robe, or a silky nightgown, then absolutely go for it!


Whether you’re pregnant or not, accessories are always your best friend. Opt for fun items like bags, jewelry, fun hair clips, belts, sunglasses, and hats. Use your favorite accessories for any staple piece.

Let Your Maternity Clothes Grow With You

Look for clothing items that can grow with you. It’s essential to consider your future self, so there is nothing wrong with going up an additional size or two to accommodate your growing bump in the future.

Check Your Wardrobe For Maternity Outfits

Are you looking for budget-friendly ways to save on buying a whole new wardrobe? One of the most simple yet effective ways is to look at your closet and see what you already have.

Got a giant old sweatshirt that is too big? Pair it with cycling shorts! Sweaters, oversized jackets, sweatshirts, or any baggy outfits you own can still be comfortable and chic after your pregnancy.

Comfort = Ideal Pregnancy Outfits

Growing a child in your belly is a major feat. Don’t feel pressured to try and fit into your old clothes right away. Just stay true to what you like and what you think is comfortable. You’ll look fabulous no matter what!

Tips on How To Save Money on Pregnancy Outfits

Although we have some ideas on how to form some cute pregnancy outfits, buying all of those staples might not work for your budget. That’s okay! We have some ideas on how you can save money but still be ready for the change in your wardrobe when your belly starts growing.

Here are some ideas on how to save money when it comes to updating your maternity wardrobe:

  • Make a swap! Do you have any friends or family that were pregnant? Consider asking to borrow some maternity clothing or items that are now too big for them.
  • Check Facebook Marketplace for tips on where to find affordable maternity clothing if you need something specific for a special event.
  • Consider thrifting or fashion apps that sell clothes. You can purchase second-hand maternity clothing that is still in good condition at a fraction of the original price.
  • Check clearance sections, no matter what area it’s in. Don’t be afraid to take a look at the men’s section and grab a comfy t-shirt, pajama pants, sweatpants, or an oversized sweatshirt.
  • Consider your postpartum. It takes time for your body to heal and understand that bodies change.

Looking and Feeling Your Best With Greater Than

At Greater Than, we want you to look and feel your best physically and mentally. With so many changes happening in the world right now, it can seem overwhelming when your fashion has to change too.

But we also know that self-image and confidence are key to living a happy and healthy life, so we want to help you feel your best during your pregnancy.

Our Trial 6-Flavor Variety Pack contains endless benefits for mothers and the entire family! We want to help you feel your best with our electrolyte sports drinks which support you before, during, and after pregnancy.

After all, not all hydration drinks are created equal.


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