6 Healthy Foods & Products That Should Be Part Of Your Diet

6 Healthy Foods & Products That Should Be Part Of Your Diet


Make small changes and earn big nutrition points!

We all know that healthy eating involves superfoods - the dietary superstars. They are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other things that keep our body in high gear. Eating healthy is not all about dropping pounds; it is more about maintaining a level of fitness and strength from within.

Even if you are slightly conscious about your diet, you're probably already eating many superfoods - like eggs, broccoli, bananas, and others. What your meals might be lacking are power-packed foods filled with disease-fighting phytochemicals and most important vitamins.

Here, you will get to know more about wholesome food ingredients and nutritional food brands products that will kickstart your healthy eating expedition.


Nutritional Power Of Lentils

Many underestimate the nutritional power of lentils - a versatile, budget-friendly food. Just a half-cup of cooked lentils contains 9-grams of protein and whopping 8-grams of dietary fiber. You can add them in your dinner recipes or simply eat them with salad. They’re a perfect way to sneak some extra nutrition into you or your family’s meals

Tip: You can store cooked lentils in the freezer for over 20 days - reheat them in the microwave and make your healthy snack in minutes - inexpensive and healthy!

 Black Beans

Although, all beans are good for your heart, but black beans can boost your brain power and memory. They are loaded with anthocyanins and antioxidants - both improve brain functions. A half cup of cooked black beans contain 8-grams of protein, 7.5-grams of fiber, and 0-grams saturated fat.

Wrap black beans in a burrito, eat them in breakfast with eggs (just like in English breakfast), or simply add them to your dinner meals as a side dish.

Almond Cheese

Almond Cheese

Replace your traditional cheese filled with saturated fat and add the wholesome goodness of Kite Hill vegan almond cheese in your meals. They are insanely delicious, low in fat and calories, and soft like a ripened cheese. It contains nothing besides almond milk, salt, enzymes, and cultures.

With no added sugar and 4 grams of fat and 3-grams of carbohydrates per serving, you can keep loving cheese while getting in shape. Adopting a few different healthy eating trends like this can make a mile of difference in your diet.

Tip: Pile almond cheese to the sky on top of high-fiber crackers, add it to your salads, or enjoy it raw wherever you would eat traditional cheese.

Greater Than

Greater Than is loaded with twice the electrolytes than typical energy drinks.

It’s made up of completely natural ingredients. There’s nothing on the label you won’t be able to pronounce. Each bottle is less than 50 calories and is made with the power of coconut water. Whether you are finishing a rigorous training session, or just need something refreshing to drink on the sidelines - choose Greater Than.


Greater Than Walnuts

Walnuts are filled with anti-inflammatory polyphenols, omega-3, and muscle-building protein. It is the king of superfoods and is popular for its energy-boosting benefits. 1 ounce or 7 nuts serving is good at any time of the day but works best as a post workout recovery snack.

Tip: Add them to salads, chop in pancake batter, and make a marinade for grilled fish or chicken.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help in digestion, make the body more alkaline to absorb more nutrients, combats acid reflux, lowers blood pressure and helps you lose weight. It has cosmetic uses as well! It can be used as a natural hair conditioner and a natural teeth whitener.

Tip: Replace your regular white vinegar that you use in vinaigrettes with apple cider, or enjoy apple cider detox drinks.

These wholesome foods and products are easy-to-add to your everyday routine. The quest to be Greater Than isn’t just in the gym. It comes from within - and should be in the back of your mind in every decision you make. Starting with what you do when you get out of bed - to what you decided to eat for lunch that day.

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