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Energy - Natural Fatigue Support (60 Capsules)

Mom's Favorite Hydration Drink...Now On The Go!

You've been wishing for hydration powders, and now this genie's out of the bottle (literally!) Crafted with real fruit juice, sea salt and oats, this 14-pack gives you the daily hydration boost you need to feel your best!

Nutrition Facts
Size :
What's Inside?

With each taste of this magic drink, you'll enjoy:

  • 675mg of hydrating electrolytes
  • All natural Ingredients, nothing artificial
  • Vegan friendly formula
  • Dairy and soy free goodness
  • No stevia, artificial sweetener, added sugar

In addition, each stick is perfect for:
  • Air travel
  • Purses and diaper bags
  • Thirsty toddlers who need less sugar
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Spouses who keep stealing your drinks :-P


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The Greater Than difference

Natural & Organic Juices
No Added Sugar or Chemicals
No Soy, Dairy or Nuts

Crafted With Mom & Family In Mind

1 year of research went into the making of this powder, so trust that with each sip you'll be enjoying the most natural hydration powder around. This special blend was designed to:

  • Help Reduce Fatigue
  • Promote Supple Skin
  • Combat Brain Fog and Headaches
  • Naturally Combat Dehydration

Meet The Ingredients

Strawberry Powder

Aloe Vera Gel Powder

Oat Powder

Strawberry Powder

Aloe Vera Gel Powder

Oat Powder

Us Versus them

Not All Hydration Powders Are Created Equal.

Added Sugar None! 5 Gr. 0 Gr. 11 Gr. 12 Gr. 11 Gr.
% Fruit Juice Yes! No No No No No
Potassium 470 Mg. 0 Mg. 200 Mg. 380 Mg. 370 Mg. 200 Mg.
Oats & Fiber Yep! No No No No No
Organic Ingredients Yes No No No No No
Family Owned Yes Yes No No No Yes

Got Questions?

Actually no this is a totally new concoction! While we’ve maintained the same focus on clean label ingredients, no added sugar, natural electrolytes and great taste, this new Aloe Berry powder has some innovations to shine a spotlight on. First of all the aloe vera adds a boost of hydration to the skin that is unique to that ingredient. In addition, the use of real dehydrated fruit powders and oats adds a different texture and mouthfeel to the drinking experience.
These hydration powders use many of the same ingredients as the classic Greater Than and has a similar nutrition profiles to the drinks our mom-unity relies on for rehydration. The powder recipe delivers a similar electrolyte boost for your body to perform at its greatest. In addition to our classic ingredients like organic coconut water, sea salt and monkfruit, these powders also contain oats (a popular galactagogue).
Yes! Due to having no added sugar or chemicals, you can feel comfortable giving your little ones their own taste of Aloe Berry Greater Than. They'll love it!
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Energy - Natural Fatigue Support (60 Capsules)
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