Build your box 1 liter - Gift

Nutrition Facts

Super hydrating

Packed with potassium, and electrolytes to keep peak performance.

Extra refreshing

Are you hot? Greater Than will help you cool down!

So delicious!

Kids, moms, and athletes agree - Greater Than is delicious.

Enjoy every time you drink

Drink more, perform better, and feel greater than yesterday!

Us vs. Them

Brand Added Sugar % Fruit Juice Chemicals & Additives Carbs Calories Sodium for Electrolytes Paper or Plastic Family Owned or Corporate
None! 32% Nope 9 gr. 50 140mg Paper Family Owned
26 gr. 10% Yes 18 gr. 70 40mg Plastic Corporate
9 gr. 0% Yes 8 gr. 35 336mg Plastic Corporate
21 gr. 0% Yes 22 gr. 80 160mg Plastic Corporate
9 gr. 100% No 20 gr. 80 60mg Paper Corporate
11 gr. 0% Yes 12 gr. 50 500mg Plastic Corporate
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