“I have never liked the taste of coconut water however I do enjoy the greater than drinks especially mixed with a little water. It helps tremendously with my hydration which then makes me feel better during workouts. I can tell a difference on the days I drink one :)” - Kristine S

“I am a Masters Crossfit Athlete and know some of your sponsored athletes...particularly Jamie Hagiya. Also, my Gymnastics coach Duke VanVleet carries your product and speaks very highly of it. These are people for which I have a great deal of respect. I am hooked! I love it during training, post training, or at any point throughout my busy training and mom days!” - Megan A.

“When I’m dying after a workout, I grab Greater Than instantly and chug the whole thing and I feel completely refreshed. It truly quenches my thirst. It’s not overly carbonated or overly sweet where you’re left more thirsty than before you started.” - Kenzie Riley


“I run marathons and triathlons. Greater Than has been a great addition to my nutrition program. I like how it is less sweet than Gatorade and gives the hydration and fuel I need.” - Matthew W, Boston Marathon Runner

“As a triathlete I understand the importance of hydration and rehydration. Long hours swimming, biking, and running leaves my body depleted of water and electrolytes if I do not stay on top of hydration. Using Greater Than before and after training has been a lifesaver in keeping my body in top shape. Having no added sugar and being low calorie makes it a perfect drink to hydrate with throughout the day. It also helps that the 3 different flavors all taste great!” Jeremy R, 2016 Chicago Athlete of the Year

“I used Greater Than this week in my first triathlon training session. I did a 1500 meter swim and then ran 7 miles. I was nervous doing my first back to back workout, but had half of a banana and the greater than beverage and my energy levels felt great, even upon completion. Furthermore, I did not experience any stomach cramping, side stitch or GI discomfort. You have a committed customer! Thank you for your commitment to a quality product.” - Nicole S


“My kids love it so much! I do not let them drink Gatorade because of all the chemicals, so it is nice to have this product to send with them to their practices.” Victoria B

“I have become addicted to Greater Than during my first pregnancy. Doctors often recommend coconut water as a great source of hydration and although I am not usually a big fan of coconut water, Greater Than has been the perfect addition to my routine. I like to keep one in my purse at all times while commuting, running errands etc. We've been sure to stock up to have plenty in our house for the first month with the new babe as well!” - Janette

“Finally, a sports drink I can feel good about buying my kids.” - Ashley


“I love drinking Greater Than after my hot yoga classes. I feel completely rehydrated and it helps with muscle recovery so I can still go to another another hot yoga class the day after and go a little bit deeper into each pose without the soreness. Plus, it tastes great!” - Mallory F

“The gym where I do my training offers Greater Than drinks. I am not a fan of coconut water, but when I noticed there was a grape flavored water, I couldn't resist, tried it and really liked it. I do yoga at home and it’s great to have these drinks at home for convenience. It replenishing and helps me stretch further.” - Mya B

"I came across your product at my yoga studio. I love it! I have stopped drinking pop because I get all the electrolytes/sugar from Greater Than. It's great!” - Jenny R


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