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The average nursing 6-month-old drinks a quart of milk a day -- 90% of which is water.

That’s a lot of fluid a new Mom needs to replenish and retain. Which is where we can help.

Greater Than has 2-3x more electrolytes than a typical sports drink. This helps Moms stay hydrated when nursing. Greater Than is also made with real juices and organic coconut water, so it tastes great and is low sugar and lower in calories -- something all Moms appreciate.

We used to think the greatest endurance athletes were IronMan finishers. Now we know new Moms are the real warriors.

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"I'm a nursing mom. I was not producing enough milk to feed my daughter so I gave this a try. This stuff is a game changer!! Since I've been drinking this I've been producing 3-4oz more than what I was. I highly recommend this if you are a nursing mom looking to increase your milk supply!!!"

Anne S.

"I had to tell my husband these aren't candy. He was drinking 3 or 4 a day! $$$. We like the taste and feel better drinking more natural electrolytes to replenish ourselves after a workout. I primarily got them to stay hydrated during my pregnancy without the added sugars. And after to keep my breastmilk supply up for the newborn!"

Mel G.

"Greater Than has doubled my milk supply in my slacker boob, haha. I'm hooked! I love how refreshing it tastes too. The no added sugar or chemicals is a huge plus because I don't want that stuff in my body.

Cindy R.

Clean Ingredients

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Available in 3 best selling flavors -- Tropical, Watermelon and Orange Mango. Just refreshing fruit juice, coconut water, sea salt for added electrolytes and monkfruit for a low carb natural sweetener.

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