Greater Than vs. Body Armor

Why Greater Than provides better hydration for the whole family than Body Armor

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Try Greater Than Greater Than

Us vs. Them

Added Sugar None! 26 Gr.
% Fruit Juice 32% 10%
Chemicals & Additives Nope Yes
Carbs 9 Gr. 18 Gr.
Calories 50 70
Sodium for Electrolytes 140mg 40mg
Paper or Plastic Paper Plastic
Family Owned or Corporate Family Owned Corporate

Why choose Greater Than?

Greater Than Try Greater Than

Here are 3 reasons why you should pick Greater Than over Body Armor:

Superior Hydration

Try Greater Than

100% All-Natural

Try Greater Than

It Tastes Great

Try Greater Than

Super hydrating

Packed with potassium, and electrolytes to keep peak performance.

Extra refreshing

Are you hot? Greater Than will help you cool down!

So delicious!

Kids, moms, and athletes agree - Greater Than is delicious.

Enjoy every time you drink

Drink more, perform better, and feel greater than yesterday!

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