Thanks for reading our story. We appreciate it. Seriously we do. We aren't a big company. We are the underdog. You reading about us is a victory.

Naively we chose an industry that is stupid challenging and competitive. Why would we do this? We didn't know any better. What we did know was the sports drink market lacked a clean product and we had a vision for a solution. We aren't business plans guys, money guys, or distribution guys. We are passionate product guys that created a great tasting and healthful hydration alternative that fills a huge void in the sports drink market.  

Greater Than sports drink, a "Greater Aid", was created by us, Jon and Mark Sider. We couldn't find a sports drink with clean ingredients so we set out on our sports drink journey to make one. It started years ago, and yadda yadda yadda.... What you see here, many years later, is the culmination of blood, sweat, and tears. 

Go for Greatness,

Jon & Mark


Brief Bios:

Jon is a graduate of Tulane University. He is married to Courtney, and has a young son Stanley. Jon can dunk a basketball and shoot the lights out.

Mark is a graduate of Indiana University. He is a competitive amateur golfer with a +3 handicap. His low score is 64.