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What are the Benefits of Electrolytes in Sports Drinks?

Sports drinks are a staple of the athletic community and have become increasingly popular in recent decad...

The Healthiest Sports Drink on the Planet is RESTOCKED

  Greater Than has been supplying athletes across the country with fuel for years. It’s the best drink on the m...

Find Out Why We Love Coconut Water!

The question that lands the most in our inbox is “Why coconut water?” When we were looking for a healthy alternative...

These Post-Workout Meals Are Perfect for Refueling Your Body

For many of us, the 90 minutes that we spend in the gym can be the highlight of our day. For those 90 minutes, we can...

5 Pre, During and Post Workout Tips & Tricks to Maximize your Sweat Session

Do you feel like you’re not getting the right results from your workouts? A healthy body is more than working muscles...

You're Going to Love These Non-GMO Project Verified Products!

One of our favorite accomplishments at Greater Than is our Non GMO project verification. The Non-GMO project is nonpr...

Living a Healthy Lifestyle? Keep These Ingredients Out of Your Diet.

We made Greater Than because we wanted a healthy alternative to uber-popular sports drinks that we would see in gyms ...

6 Healthy Foods & Products That Should Be Part Of Your Diet

  Make small changes and earn big nutrition points! We all know that healthy eating involves superfoods - the dietary...
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