18 New Mom Gifts She’ll Actually Use And Love

18 New Mom Gifts She’ll Actually Use And Love

Got a new mom in your life? Whether your extended family has recently added a tiny member or your friend’s little one is finally here, you’ll want to give the proud new mama a memorable gift.

Forget the stroller and onesies – that’s what baby showers are for! This time, it’s all about choosing the perfect gift for mom. Finding a fun, unique, and valuable gift can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further than the following 18 gift ideas that new moms will love.

1. Postpartum Hydration Drinks

Staying hydrated is a major concern for new mamas. Drinking enough fluids is essential for healing and recovery post-delivery and vital for her ability to breastfeed.

Did you know that nursing women need to double their water intake to reach a recommended 16 cups of water per day? Help the new mom in your life stay hydrated while spicing up her daily routine by gifting her with a rehydrating drink designed specifically for new mamas.

Greater Than is formulated with all-natural ingredients, including coconut water and fruit juice, for a healthy and delicious hydration boost. For a gift that keeps on giving, consider gifting her a subscription to Greater Than, which will replenish her supply of electrolyte drinks with several fun flavors delivered on a monthly basis.

2. Earth-Friendly Diapers

For the eco-conscious mom, cloth diapers are a fantastic gift. These reusable diapers keep their disposable counterparts out of landfills and look cute, too! These cloth diapers by Crunchy Boutique come with eco-friendly and absorbent hemp-cotton and bamboo inserts to keep her little one dry and comfy. They also come in fun and vibrant prints!

3. Postpartum Gift Box

A gift box is always a great idea when you’re stumped on what to buy. The popular pregnancy gift box subscription service, The Stork Bag, also makes a postpartum bag that any new mom would be thrilled to receive.

The postpartum gift box has three price options, from standard to luxe items. What is inside is a surprise for the lucky mom who receives it, but each package contains several health and beauty products to help the recipient look and feel her best.

After delivery, sometimes, a new mom lets her own self-care fall by the wayside to devote herself to her baby. The self-care products in the Stork Box will help her take time to refocus on herself for some much-deserved pampering. Plus, the thrill of receiving a gift box in the mail is a gift in itself!

4. Matcha Tea & Preparation Kit

While breastfeeding, many women choose to reduce their caffeine intake for the baby’s overall wellness. This means swearing off coffee in favor of lower-caffeine-content beverages like tea or protein smoothies. Matcha green tea is an antioxidant-rich superfood that is an excellent option for new moms looking to avoid coffee.

A matcha kit, including the green tea powder and the whisk or milk-foamer needed to make a delicious and bubbly matcha latte, is a great way to elevate a new mom’s morning routine.

Giving up coffee doesn’t have to be a drag when she can whip up a beautiful latte with this kit!

5. Herbal lactation teas

There are many ways to support a breastfeeding mom, including helping her balance the responsibilities of a new baby, encouraging her to take time for herself, and giving her the moral support she needs to continue breastfeeding.

Another great way to support a new mother is the gift of milk-supply-supporting lactation teas.

Lactation teas are herbal remedies that have been used through the ages to promote healthy breast milk production in new mothers. Examples of the different herbs commonly used include fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, and more.

To make a fantastic gift out of lactation teas, consider buying a pre-formulated herbal tea specifically designed for lactation. However, you may also consider getting creative and DIY-ing a customized lactation tea kit for a new mom who would appreciate a thoughtful gift!

Many lactation-friendly herbs can be bought in bulk from local herbalists or online. You may also consider adding a sweet mug and a cute tea infuser to make for a lovely gift set.

6. Breastfeeding Course

Unfortunately, babies don’t come with how-to guides. A new mom might feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things she has on her plate, from diaper changes to feeding her little one.

Luckily, experts like the pros at Milky Mama are here with the guidance and support that she needs to have an enjoyable and successful postpartum experience!

Gifting the Breastfeeding 101 course from Milky Mama is a generous and thoughtful way to ensure that the mom in your life gets the support and resources she and her little one need to thrive.

7. Diaper Bag or Backpack

A lot of equipment is required to care for a little one. New parents have a lot to tote around, from diapers and wipes to toys and blankets! Luckily, with a chic and efficient diaper bag, traveling with gear is a breeze. This eco-friendly diaper backpack fits all of the materials a new mom could need for a day out on the town with her little one while still looking cute (and hardly like a diaper bag!)

8. Herbal Soak

Alone time can be hard to come by as a new mother, but it’s more important than ever during the postpartum period. A gift of a herbal bath soak can be a great way to encourage the new mom in your life to take time for herself and relax.

This soak from Mother Mother is organic and contains soothing, beneficial herbs like yarrow and lavender. The Epsom salt present in this soak can help promote healing after pregnancy, and the hot soak and healing herbs can help ease any postpartum discomfort.

So what are you waiting for? This gift is a great way to help a new mom remember to take some spa time, grab her favorite eye mask, and treat herself!

9. Nursing Balm

The best gifts are always things someone might not think to buy but enjoy. This nursing balm from Erbaviva is one such product. Nursing is hard on the body. This balm contains cocoa butter to soothe irritated skin and calendula, which is known to help ease the discomfort associated with breastfeeding.

Give this balm to a new mama, and you’ll be ensuring that she has access to the best remedies to keep her happy and healthy.

10. Body Oil

A healthy skincare routine is another thing that can fall off the list when caring for a new baby. Give this everything oil by Mother Mother to a new mama to help her remember to care for her skin during this busy time!

After pregnancy, a woman’s skin heals from the stretching and stress it experiences during pregnancy. She also might be dealing with hormonal changes that can affect her skin. High-quality skin oil is a great way to hydrate and protect the skin while promoting healing.

As a bonus, this oil can be used as a massage oil – any new mom will appreciate that!

11. Postpartum Journal

Having a baby is a huge life event, and all new mamas are bound to feel overwhelmed at times. To help the new mother in your life practice mindfulness and feel her best mentally as well as physically, consider the meaningful gift of a postpartum journal from Promptly.

These journals are designed with the input of therapists and feature many different prompts to help a woman process and document her experience as a new mother.

12. Guided Scrapbook

Another good option for a postpartum journal is a guided scrapbook or baby book. This “Childhood, A History” guided memory book from Kept will help a new family record their memories in one physical place. Having a paper copy of photographs and memories can be very meaningful. This precious keepsake will bring joy for years (and even decades) to come!

13. Instant Camera

Taking photos on our phones is great, but sometimes, having a physical copy of the photos that mean the most to us is an extraordinary privilege. This is why gifting a new mom an instant camera and packages of its corresponding film can be a fantastic and much-appreciated gesture.

Consider coupling this camera with a guided scrapbook or memory book for an all-inclusive and meaningful gift set.

14. Postpartum Care Subscription Box

Sometimes, getting out of the house to buy snacks and essentials is a considerable effort for moms juggling feeding schedules, diaper changes, and their new baby’s moods and needs. A postpartum care gift box can be a great option for new mothers.

This gift set contains snacks, self-care items, and other postpartum essentials to make a new mom’s life much easier. You can even choose a one, three, six, nine, or 12-month renewal cycle to keep the gifts coming!

15. Spa Treatment + Plus Childcare

No matter how many relaxing soaks, moisturizing creams, and massage oils you give to a first-time mom, sometimes, it’s hard to fully relax with a new baby around. For this reason, she’ll appreciate a spa trip as a great gift.

Make it possible for her to enjoy a pampering day by arranging childcare. Ensuring that the baby will be in safe hands will enable the mom to truly relax and make the most of her spa experience.

16. Reignite Her Passion for Pre-Baby Hobbies

Postnatal depletion is a post-baby phenomenon in which women struggle to feel like themselves again after having a baby. This is, unfortunately, very common, with many women experiencing various physical or mental symptoms for years after becoming a mother.

One way you can help a new mother prevent postnatal depletion and stay mentally well is by helping her stay involved in the hobbies she enjoyed pre-baby.

Maybe she likes to knit or run: consider gifting a new knitting pattern and set of needles, or maybe some extra-supportive running shoes and a mama-friendly sports bra to help her get back into doing what she loves!

17. Books & Audiobooks

Books and audiobooks are an excellent gift for almost everybody, but new moms, in particular, will enjoy an activity to liven up the early mornings and late-night feeding sessions required for their newborn. These books on parenting will resonate with any parent.

Check your local bookstore's bestseller lists and shelves for new releases to help keep a new mother awake when she stays up in the wee hours to feed her little one.

18. Grocery Delivery Service

With a small child, leaving the house can be a production. Save a new mom plenty of time and stress by gifting her a gift card for a grocery delivery service or even a meal prep kit!

Pregnancy cravings don’t stop right after delivery. In fact, for nursing mamas who must consume excess calories to produce milk, cravings may continue to be a part of their daily routine, especially during the middle-of-the-night-feedings!

Meal delivery apps give a new mom plenty of options to choose from and ensure that she’ll be able to get anything she needs to be delivered. This can be a massive help during busy times with a little one.

Meanwhile, meal kit services can be a great way to take the guesswork out of family nutrition while saving time for a new mom. Many different grocery deliveries and meal kit options exist, including the food-waste-reducing produce delivery service, Misfits Market.

Help make sure that the new mother in your life can have a balanced and delicious diet by giving her the gift of accessible and delightful produce and groceries.

Gifts for New Moms: Help Her Feel Like Herself Again

When choosing gifts for the new mama in your life, remember not to shop only for her baby inadvertently. Becoming a mom is a huge milestone, and it’s essential to help a new mother celebrate her achievement in many ways, including gift-giving!

Remember that many new moms struggle to feel like themselves after the birth of their child. Giving gifts that encourage self-care and some of her favorite pre-baby hobbies is a thoughtful way to care for a new mother and make her feel valued.

With these ideas, you’re ready to choose a gift that will make a memorable splash!


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