4 Exciting Coconut Water Benefits & Side Effects

The question that lands the most in our inbox is “Why coconut water?”

When we were looking for a healthy alternative to sports drinks - something truly Greater Than - we went through a handful of ideas. After research and testing - using coconut water for the base of our Greater Than drinks was a bit of a no-brainer. The benefits of coconut water are incredible -  it’s no surprise that we've kept it at the core of all of our Greater Than drinks.

We wanted to take a minute and present some of the benefits of coconut water that we learned about when we decided to go with Greater Than.

Natural Hydration

Coconut water drew our attention because of its natural electrolyte attributes. An eight ounce serving of coconut water has more than twice the electrolytes and half the carbohydrates than a traditional sports drink. Yeah, Seriously.

A 2002 study which tested the effects and results between water, sports drink and coconut water had interesting results as well. Although all 3 felt equally as hydrating - after drinking coconut water users experienced less nausea and felt less ‘full.’


Attributes to Healthy Blood Pressure

Coconut water is loaded with potassium - 1 cup yields over 15% of your daily recommended value so with coconut water comes the benefits of a potassium heavy diet. Did you know that adding potassium in your diet can help maintain a healthy blood pressure? In some cases even help reduce it. Potassium directly counteracts the effects of sodium within our bodies. A 2005 study followed subjects that drank coconut water daily and were able to see a drop in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure when water had no change.

 Coconut water is loaded with potassium

Weight Loss

Honey Khanna, dietician for Max Healthcare reports that coconut water’s high potassium levels can help those with weight problems as the potassium flushes out excess water and helps with water retention.  Khanna also highlights that “It contains small amounts of micronutrients. These [micronutrients] help boost immunity in the body to a small extent and help detoxify the body.”

Making Your Body Less Acidic

Lastly - the pH level of coconut water is great for making your body pH levels less acidic. An acidic pH level within your body have been linked to a huge variety of health problems. The pH level of coconut water helps counteract the acidity of your diet and helps bring your body back into an alkaline state.

When we made Greater Than we wanted to give people an opportunity to enjoy a delicious, refreshing sports beverage without the side effects of those traditional neon sports drinks that we see in store shelves all across the country. Greater Than is for much more than just the gym. It’s oonly sugars come from the natural fruit juices that we used in the creation process. Drink this at the dinner table, or while you are out doing errands. Just because it’s delicious doesn’t mean you should feel guilty!

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