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Super hydrating and delicious without tons of sugar. Increased my [milk] supply greatly.

Shivanna B.
Greater Than
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Best way to stay hydrated

profile Orange Mango Flavor

Best way to stay hydrated with out the sugary drinks or just plain water. Tastes great too!

Emily E.

Great product

profile Family Size 2-Flavor 24 Packs (11.2oz Carton)

This is a great product for hydration. I am breastfeeding and it helps me feel and stay hydrated. We all know while breastfeeding ...

Jennifer J.

I liked all 3 flavors

profile Pomegranate Grape Flavor

I liked all 3 flavors that I got pomegranate grape, strawberry lemonade and orange mango!! I feel hydrated and have energy!! I got...

Emily E.

Delicious and helps me stay

profile Strawberry Lemonade

Delicious and helps me stay hydrated while breastfeeding and pumping!

Samantha B.

I am a nursing mama

profile Tropical Flavor

I am a nursing mama and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I sometimes struggle with my water intake because I’m always going going going but this helps so much !!

Sarah W.


profile Orange Mango

This flavor is super refreshing and I would agree that’s it’s definitely a fan favorite.

Neh M.

Greater Than
Greater Than


We’re Mark and Jon Sider, co-founders of Greater Than. We initially started Greater Than on a mission to engineer the healthiest sports drink on the planet, crafted with only natural ingredients.

Much to our delight, Greater Than became organically adopted by the world's most elite athletes: nursing mothers! As a family owned business, it's our mission to craft the highest quality products and experience the powerful Mom-unity.

Thank you for all that you do each and everyday. You moms inspire us to be our greatest selves, now let us treat you to the healthy nutrition you know you deserve!

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Eco-friendly, efficient packaging

Greater Than packing is made with Tetra Pak cartons, that are primarily made from paper. Furthermore Tetra Pak cartons are lightweight, easy to transport and fully recyclable. The aseptic technology allows the product inside to stay fresh, without the need of any preservatives.